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Taste - An expression meaning something is excellent, cool or otherwise good.
To be said to be "taste" is the highest form of praise possible for an individual/object/activity.

Can be used as a single word expression or combined in a sentence to mean someone is doing something "taste".
This is often referred to as "getting your taste on"
"Oi mate, check her out... She's taste!"

Chris: "I can't believe how well Ronaldinho is playing today"
Rob: "Yeah I know, that boys got his taste on!"
by Gimpypacman August 09, 2006
1.) A weakling who will be never be the social equivalent of his peers.

2.) Someone who plays second fiddle to alpha males in a group.

3.) A lame physical specimen.
Hey Jimmy look over there. That lame ass Chechu is trying to chat up them girls!
by GimpyPacman January 19, 2006
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