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A topic that teenage-middleclass kids rant about on this website, even though their parents make a good amount of money, they live in a two story house in a nice neighborhood, and they live in America (the most goddamn powerful country in the world). These kids will often cry about how much their life "sucks", because they get so much pre-algebra homework, and because no one left comments on their Myspace.
What these kids need to realize is that the ONLY people that should complain about a shitty life are the starving 3rd world kids. THIS is why so many people hate Americans. Because they have it all, and they still bitch over shit like "Oh, were having chicken for lunch, I hate chicken. Life sucks...". Be thankful for what you have, assface.
Person 1 : "Ugh, my life SUCKS."
Poor 3rd world kid : "Yeah, I bet it sucks to live in a free country. Stop being so goddamn selfcentered."
by GimmiK November 30, 2005
The 1# scapegoat to America's obesity problem.
Guy 1# : I know why I'm fat, man.
Guy 2# : Oh yea, why?
Guy 1# : Because of that shitty McDonalds.
Guy 2# : Actually, you're fat because you have no self control, nor common sense. Did you really think that eating two Big Mac's each day for five years wouldn't affect your weight? They're greasy and salty. Have some common sense, you fat whiny asshole.
by GimmiK February 10, 2006
A word that Urban Dictionary has chosen as an example to teach you to use brackets, in order to link to words that relate to the one you are defining.
In your entry, link to other words using square brackets. For example, booty will become booty.
by GimmiK November 30, 2005
Ok, ok. Let me make a few things clear. It's RAP. Not hip hop. 50 cent is not rap. He is hip hop. Wich is why he sucks ass. The reason rap is hated so much is because it's confused with hip hop. Jay Z, Ludacris, all those retard fucks are hip hop. Rap is Run DMC, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Tupac, ect. All the real shit, the shit that actually had something to say. Now its all about "vendetta's" and pointless shit. I am tired of asking people "Do you like rap?" and getting the response "Nah, rap is crap, 50 cent sucks, I hate him". Get it right, dick. Oh, and if you still think that "rap is crap", then you don't even know what real rap is.
Rap is crap? Go listen to the newest Hawthorne Hieghts song, pussy.
by GimmiK November 23, 2005
Someone who can get stung by Obie.
Eminem (Without Me) : And Moby? You can get stung by Obie. You thirty year old bald fag, blow me. You don't know me, your too old, let go, its over. Nobody listens to techno, so let's go...
by GimmiK July 17, 2006
The act of taking your own life when you realize that you are too weak to deal with problems that everyone faces. It's interesting to see how many potential suiciders happen to be citizens of the greatest country on earth (the united states of america). If you are a citizin of a very powerful country with many opportunities and things to look forward to and be grateful for, it's very ironic how you could choose to end their own life. By commiting suicide, you are admitting that you were too ignorant to realize that you were very fortunate to have been born in a country were women aren't shot at for not covering themselves, or were young kids aren't forced to work in sweat shops. Suicide is indeed selfish and weak. It is amazing how someone in america can come to the conclusion that their life is so horrible that they must end it, when there are thousands of people all over the world who are starving, people forced to be slaves, people tortured and killed, young kids who are forced to work 16 hour shifts with little or no pay. Everyone in life has problems. Suck it up.
If you have attempted suicide, or seriously considered it, you
should die.
by GimmiK April 15, 2006

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