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3 definitions by Gilmour93

When someone scores a goal in hockey and puts in the top of net, it goes "top shelf". See also: top cookie
HOLY MAKINAW! He put that top shelf, right next to where mama keeps the peanut butter!
by Gilmour93 October 21, 2008
Cold beers in the fridge, ready to drink.
We've got some coldies, ready for the game.
by Gilmour93 October 21, 2008
Derivation: night cap

When the bar is closing and you gather all your people together and head to one of their houses to keep drinking and mess the place up, that is a capper. Also known as an after-party.
Q: Hey man, where's the capper at?

A: I dunno man, I think Dave's, he's got booze.
by Gilmour93 October 21, 2008