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A joke of a rapper. Claims to be one of the best, but only is selling because he relates his music to Dumb rich white kids who go out and buy his cd's.

Look at his lyrics compared to the rapper peoplle know as the greates.

Big L-"Step to this and get shanked up, I knocked out so many teeth the tooth fairy went bankrupt"


50 cent-"Isnt it ironic how erotic it is to see her in a thong"

Come on seriously there no excuses, 50 is a wack rapper, and most of the 50 dick riders only defense is: Oh yea, well he has more money then anybody.so if Bill Gates made a rap CD, Would that mean he's the greatest too since he has so much money?

Who gives a fuck if this moron has more money, He cant rap, He cant flow....He sucks, thats the bottom line.
50's second choice of a job was to be a police officer.
by Gillmorene June 22, 2005

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