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A closed-minded environment.Full of Bigots.A small Hick-town full of wannabe Gangstas,Rednecks,and it has a large amount of Homophobes.It's a very Anti-Gay Town.I know from experience,i used to live in Atwater in 2001,i used to go to Atwater High in 1993,i lived down in Merced,Born and raised.Now i live near New York City.I miss the West Coast,but not Atwater.This town is very very very Anti-Gay.full of Cowboys that are closet-cases.Like totally Gay and far from Hetero.If your Openly-Gay and live in or near Atwater,you better run as far as you can and don't look back because Atwater will Ruin your pride.Run.Run! RUN! RUN! RUN! RUN!!!!
#atwater #hick #closed-minded #anti-gay #conservatives #bigots #closet-cases #extremely-homophobic!
by Gilbert Ray Reyes Aka Maverick January 18, 2009
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