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Doing something last minute, named after the popular holiday site.
We haven't bought Mark a birthday present and his party starts in an hour!

Nothing like leaving it to the lastminute.com
by Giffer September 01, 2006
1. Any phrase that has an underlying sexual meaning - regardless of meaning.

2. To take any phrase and "edit" it slightly to have a sexual meaning.

3. Any phrase which purely sexual in meaning.

4. The combination of 2 or more innocent words into a sexual word sometimes with odd meanings or sounds.
1. I'd like to take you somewhere.......now thats a pathianism

2. I'd like to take you to my bed......now thats a pathianism

3. I'd like to take you.......now thats a pathianism

4. Front & Bottom = Frontbottom......now thats a pathianism
by Giffer September 19, 2006
The sexual organ of either sex.
He was annoying me so much I just lost it and called him a fuckgiblet.
by Giffer June 18, 2008

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