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The place Cape coral is known for is Drama, scene kids (full of scene kids), Camelot sluts!, drug junkies, cocaine addicts, full of POT HEADS!! most grow houses are in Cape Coral...

Ida S. Baker kids are all full of themselves

Mariner high school kids are all beners

Cape Coral High School kids-ALL POSERS!!!

most old people live here.

we have a lot of snow birds that come here in the winter.

most teens that live here hate it so damn much and can't wiat to leave when their 18.

13-14 year olds try to be cool, but arn't

kids try so hard to impress others they don't even know who they are in the end.

it's pretty sad.. so if i were you

broing city of cape coral
by GibsonSGPlyr December 25, 2008
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