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A positive quality (grace) that saves somebody from being perceived as useless or undesirable. Often misused in this way: "my friend bought me a beer for my birthday, he/she is my saving grace"
"Michelle may not be a pretty girl, but those tits are her saving grace."
by Gibby McFender January 14, 2009
A term for the power instilled in a man by the size of his dick. Generally wielded to settle petty disputes such as a split vote over where a group of people are to have dinner. Not sexist, it can only truly come into effect to settle such disputes among a small group of men - straight or otherwise. The gentleman with the largest dick wields the cock scepter.
Majority rules? Fuck that. Cock scepter overrules.
by Gibby McFender June 17, 2009
Whoever he is, "Yung Berg" doesn't care for him.
"I don't care who's ya boy hittin, or who Ray Nella" - Yung Berg from the song 'Sexy Can I'
by Gibby McFender May 29, 2008
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