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People from Italy (Italia) or America with Italian decent. Must be more then 50% to be considered "Italian". Dark skinned (olive), black or brown hair, brown eyes, hairy (usually), good looking. There names usually end in an, A, E, I, or O. Usually have big penis's. Are considered "white" by Cenus when there really Latin, not Latino/Hispanic. Speak the most sexy language, have the best food, and make the nicest cars. Everyone wishes they were Italian.
Black kid 1: Look at that white kid.
Black kid 2: He aint white, hes italian, just look at him.
Black kid 1: Shit, hope his family didnt hear that...
Black kid 2: Hope they didnt, if they did they would probably kill you.
Italian kid: You guys know i gota bigga dick then you...
Black kids (1-2): Probably, your italian
by Giano October 04, 2006

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