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Italian's primarily use this word to describe a homosexual male, or someone acting like one, in general.
Jake, stop acting like a "frosh" man!

I seen this "frosh" at the mall today kissing his boyfriend; that was a weird experience.
by Gianni Devino August 28, 2009
"Shammered" is another way of describing someone who appears or is drunk.

Derived from the slang/phrase "Hammered," which also describes someone who is drunk, and the word "Shot," which, in drinking terms, describes some who is totally piss drunk "Shot," and is acting like a compete idiot because of it; therefore his mind is "shot." (Gone) (Done) (Finished) (Temporarily Fried)
Oh my god, Dom that guy is totally f*ucken "Shammered." He doesn't even know what he's doing or saying.
by Gianni Devino August 28, 2009
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