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Well, after living in this town for the past 11 years, I must say it is kind of exciting, thats of course when your younger. This town starts to become suck ass boring! The phrase "Let's go Uptown" is a fucked up one. Here in Andover, kids will think they are cool going "Uptown" when actually its boring as fuck! Guys waste 4 hours of their afternoon by trying to impress girls that huddle around thinking nothing but themselves. Most girls in this town wear that Hollister Abercombie shit that is overpriced and not worth wearing. Guys think they have to wear skater clothes to keep up with the times! FUCK THE TIMES nobody in this town I mean nobody is their own person, its sick. There are more banks then you can even picture in ur head, theres banks left and right, its annoying... You have a Starbucks, Dunkins, Mcdonalds, and all of that crap. All the shit that gets you fat. Kids Here have more money than Jesus can stuff in his own pocket. The merchants here don't care if there's to many kids, they make booming busniess! People walk around with five 20's in their pockets thinking they got "Money in the bank." Man, society in this town is gay. Girls in this town dress very slutty but then again. THEY ALL PROUDS!! A kiss on the cheek will be for discussion for months! It's like damnnn where is this town headed!! Where are the people headed! Now to the boys, they all think they are ghetto or skater. It's pathetic! They waist hours of their lifes for prouds that give no action or not even a relationship. They all take it to seriously... Now they are normal kids that are their own person and I repect that. Well thats pretty much it, that Andover MA for you!

A summary of the town Andover and how boring it is and a waist of time!
by Giani Ferrio January 17, 2007

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