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4 definitions by Ghostface

The most humble rapper out there. He has a unique style and great story telling.
"Murs is better than your favorite rapper"
by Ghostface October 10, 2004
To wear a shirt with no pants. From the cartoon character Porky Pig.
Man, my girl let herself in with her moms and I was straight porky piggin' it on the couch.
by ghostface March 25, 2005
The main character in Devil May Cry. (Which ownz Ninja Gaiden by like infinity) Though he is filled with cocky corny one liners he owns. He wields with two guns with infinite ammo (Ebony and Ivory) and his sword Alastor.
"So, this is what they call a heart-warming family reunion"
by Ghostface October 10, 2004
n. term used to describe the behavior of dirty sorostitutes.
I should have known she would be the type to engage in such blatant and unadulterated sorostitutery. What a whore.
by Ghostface May 26, 2004