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Actually, that is a misconception. The urban myth purports that the practice originated in feudal Japan as a method of punishing women who had committed adultery. However, this is not true as the source is the imagination of the writer of a certain adult website who concocted the story to entice readers to subscribe

Bukkake is the noun form of the Japanese verb bukkakeru to dash water), and means simply "splash" or "dash." The compound verb can be decomposed into two verbs: butsu and kakeru . Butsu literally means to hit, but in this usage it appears to be an intensive prefix as in buttamageru, "completely astonished") or butchigiri , "overwhelming win"). Kakeru in this context means to shower or pour. The word bukkake is often used in Japanese to describe pouring out water (or other liquids) with sufficient momentum to cause splashing.

Indeed, bukkake is more commonly used in Japan to describe a type of dish where the toppings are poured on top of noodles, as in bukkake-udon and bukkake-soba. In Western culture, the word presumably refers to the act of splashing fresh semen on a woman's face.

Source: Wikipedia, encyclopedia.
* Forced Bukkake: This is where a willing participant acts or seems unwilling to get a facial shower from several men.
* Bukkake Summit: Where a woman receives a bukkake shower but tilts her head back and opens her mouth, trying to catch it all. At the end of all the facials the semen is collected and drunk by the target of the bukkake shower.
* Snowball or Trade Bukkake: This style of bukkake has two or more targets, which when receive facials swap the semen from mouth to mouth or lick it off of each others faces.
* Semen Play Bukkake: Here is where many men ejaculate on the woman's face, after which she plays with the semen. Also the men may ejaculate on the woman's food and she proceeds to eat the food with the ejaculate.
* Il Ung-Ko Bukkake: In this style of Bukkake, a man lies face up on the floor (sometimes strapped down) and women ejaculate on either his face or whole body. Usually more than one woman masturbates at a time.
* Il Kyung-Jo Bukkake: Where a man ejaculates on the face of a horse which the woman he is attracted to is riding

i.e. We shall routinely bukake on this female's face.
by Ghost_8888 February 06, 2006
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