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A group of housing projects in bc. Known for gangs, drugs, and violence.
Toughest hood in Canada.
Murder rates 4 every week.
Watch yourself when around folks from the g-hood.
"Check yo self im from Compton!"
"Homie step back im from g-hood."
compton kid turns and runs.
by Ghoodlum May 02, 2009
Term referring A Booty call.
A one night stand.
When you get a girls number at a club or a party and have little intent of calling her the next day.
A hoodrat hoe.
A hookup.
Guy: Hey can i get yo numba
Girl: Suure baby.
Girl gives guy number.
Guy programs her in as (Ashley)999
"Yo man im horny lets call up some 999s."
"Who is this girl?? she looks slutty, oh thats just a 999"
by Ghoodlum April 16, 2009

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