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A one shot hit to any area of a person that debilitates them for a large amount of time.
When I got robbed they slumped me on the head with a 9mm.

Luckily I took it like a man (cause I was drunk) and their asses ran down the street.

But due to the massive slumping I needed 3 staples in my head, and I bled ALOT!
by GhettoNeophyte February 18, 2009
The feeling you have after getting knocked out for being an ass in a fight, usually an unexpected blow.

AKA getting slumped and then eventually waking up with a headache and all that knocked out stuff, Ala missing teeth, broken ribs, and lumps on the head from the slump attack.
"I was a jerk to the wrong guy at the bar and he slumped the crap out of me.

"I woke up feeling slummpy as all hell, double vision and the works.

"Hopefully I can drive home with this concussion, boy am I feeling sleepy..."
by GhettoNeophyte February 18, 2009
An amazingly adaptable programming language, pronounced C sharp, that is part of the .NET Framework from Microsoft, which also includes VB.NET, Managed C++, and J# among some other open source projects and ASP.NET but it's not really a language as much as a Markup Language IMHO.

C# is much like C++ in syntax, but it is simpler to write object oriented code with it as the .NET Framework provides built in code libraries you can use across all the Framework languages, like TextWriter to write a text file. No need to manually write mountains of code to write a text file like some languages.

It has a Garbage Collector or GC, which differs it from C++ greatly. The GC cleans up memory so you don't have to manage it, nice eh? Stops most memory leaks (you online gamers know of them, as almost every game is written in C++ and those CTDs are usually memory leaks) so as long as you ain't a code tool you should be safe with the GC releasing the objects from memory.

There is also the GAC, or Global Assembly Cache. It is the residence of the .NET Framework and anything you want to add like a custom library or assembly, basically a collection of commonly used code, making it accessible to any .NET application on that machine or web server if running ASP.NET.

I wrote some C# code at work today. Those Java guys wish they had my skillz. Naming their language after coffee. What losers!

I can code faster than the those "other devs" with C# as it has more available built in libraries. Suck that Java devs. Yeah Java can import your crap libraries you can barely trust in most instances, but I already got my library in the GAC and it's pretty trust worthy if not a huge compilation of somewhat brilliant and reusable code.

But c'est la vie. Hey I know French as well as C# motherfuckers. So bring it and I'll code a single method to slump your asses till you have no more Friends to code against me!

And as Ctrl-Z wrote along these lines, the path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of C# and good will, shepherds the weaker entry level .NET devs through the valley of darkness and J2EE, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost coders. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those Java coders who would attempt to poison and destroy my brother C# coders. And you will know my name is the Mikro$oft when I lay my vengeance upon thee Java! HAHA isn't Sun laying off, Have the Gates already begun to strike?
by GhettoNeophyte February 18, 2009
The Local is a local neighborhood person with a mental illness who kids hang out with and taunt and make fun of, thinking the local doesn't know better.

Still I think the locals enjoy the time they spend with the other kids despite the misdeeds of the neighborhood kids.

Locals are a great group to hang with as their perspective on life is so different it can add insight to your own.

The Local was so strong from his disregard to the limitations of strength, when he played football, he picked us up by the head about 4 feet off the ground and yelled "SQUUUUUEEZZE, KAAAH-RUNCH" while squeezing and crunching our heads (really really hard)

Even though he was terrible at football and insisted on wearing a helmet he could slump the other kids onto the sidelines and put them out of commission with a single blow (but he was somewhat careful, but he didn't know better sucks for the sideliners, lol)

The local was a great guy to hang with cause you never knew what to expect and a great person to have on your team though professionally I think he'd get misconduct flags every play, lol.
by GhettoNeophyte February 18, 2009

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