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The savior and protector of the ghettos around Albuquerque, New Mexico (real name: Douglas G. Mancini). Around the middle of 2008, Ghetto Man made his dynamic debut in Crap World Productions. Ghetto Man was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, his parents abandoned him at the age of two in a Burger King. He spent ten years of his life in a local Brooklyn adoption agency, until one day, at the age of thirteen, Ghetto Man ran away. In a nationwide search for the truth about his long lost parents, Ghetto Man eventually came to the realization that his parents obviously didn't care for him. Settling in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Ghetto Man now resides in the west mesa, only helping his fellow ghettoists when called upon. Ghetto Man has many followers known as Ghettoists.
1) Ghetto Man may have killed that Asian hooker, but look at the bright side, he just helped stop the spread of herpimonosiphoaids!

2) When it comes down to drinking, Ghetto Man prefers tequila.

3) Don't roll a blunt without inviting Ghetto Man.

4) Help Ghetto Man control the gang activity in his ghetto by donating to the Ghettoist Church today!
by GhettoMan420 May 05, 2010
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