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None of these above are right....
First off, if you're here for a fucking fish I'm turning your internet off. Second, "COD" stands for "Call Of Duty". Call Of Duty is the home wrecker but in a men's kind of way... Having the "COD" means taking in large amounts of useless video games that will not get you anywhere in life. The age range for having the "COD" is from 12-Late 50's. The results of having the "COD" are....

-not going out side for the weekend and/or the week.
- not talking to your friends,girlfriend (if you even have one) or the rare "wife" in this case.
- not taking care of your self hygene like... combing your hair, changing your poop stained tighty whities or taking showers.
This awful syndrome can ruin your whole social life.
(I'm not against Call Of Duty in any way,shape or form, I'm just stating the facts.)
Mom: Bob, get off that damn COD and get a job! You're fourty!
Bob: Shutup mom, I'm on a killstreak!
by GhettoGamer69 December 23, 2012

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