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A feminazi.

A neofeminist is someone who clearly has gotten most of the benifits of a society which is not extremely prejiduce against her yet acts like shes been delt an unfair hand and thus is a total bitch!

-Sorry bout the long example...
Me:Shut up!
Jill: Im a girl you cant tell me to shut up!
Me:I tell all my friends who need to shut the fuck up, to shut up. So SHUT UP!
Jill: Thats sexist! I might have to kick your ass.
Me: If you touch me ill hit you back.
Jill: You cant hit a girl!
Me: Fucking neofeminists
by Ghassan August 14, 2005
A sexy asian that likes to be blowed hard. Also hits on girls older than them Likes porn, prefers anal better oral. Likes sashimi style. And also only likes asian.
you are such a sohshun.
by ghassan May 17, 2014
Kill Mad People

A relatively simple concept, it is a show of lighthearted sympathy when life screws a friend over big time but they arnt really devastated.
Jason: "... So the stupid bitch turns around and pulls up to the pump on the other side! SHE WAS STILL FACING THE WRONG WAY"
Justin: "KMP, my friend, KMP."
by Ghassan August 14, 2005

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