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Similar to phone sex but involving alcohol instead.

Especially helpful when one partner is without a source of alcohol or engaged in an activity that prohibits the consumption of alcohol.

"I just got on the highway and I had such a crappy day at work, I need you to pour me a phone shot right now and drink it while I tell you about it! That's it! Yeah, one more cube of ice and just a tad more lime baby! You know the way I like it!"
by gfrancetto November 04, 2007
Drunken Email-an email sent by someone clearly intoxicated.
The following is an actual DEmail:

Subject: i lve you

i mss yoyyyyyy soooo mmuuuucccccccch andd i wwas wrrong
pelase reply to meeeeeee or call meee on my ceell

lovvvve ya

by Gfrancetto November 28, 2007
Acronym for: Emailing While Intoxicated
"Dude, what's wrong?

"I donno. I got the most twisted email from my ex last night. It's been buggin me all day!"

"Don't sweat it. She was probably EWI!"
by gfrancetto November 28, 2007
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