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1 definition by Getchamacon

A grading system for women...919 being the hottest you can get.
the first 9 stand for the face (0-9) 9 being the best
the 1 stands for whether or not you would sleep with this girl (this number is either a 1 or a 0, 1 you will, 0 you wont)
the last 9 stands for this persons body (0-9, 9 being the sexiest body and 0 being the most disturbing)
Megan Fox is a 919, hot face (9), you would sleep with her (1), and sexy body (9).
Oprah is a 101, maybe even 000.
Damn you see that 919 over there!!!
Nah shes more like an 718 but still she hot
by Getchamacon November 02, 2010