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A severe frenzy caused by lack of sexual activity.
Symptoms include: genital discomfort, raging desire, violence, sexual obsession.
Fuck buddies are a good outlet.
Nate- Why is he fucking a girl he doesn't even like?
Mart- It's the sexual frustration, man.
by GetItRightt August 29, 2009
Shorthand for David Foster Wallace, one of the most intelligent writers who ever lived. Most famous for his novel 'Infinite Jest', which requires a min. IQ of 131 to decipher.
Andy- Have you read Infinite Jest by DFW?

Paul- Pfff, that book is boring and pointless!

Andy- You didn't understand it either?
by GetItRightt August 29, 2009
A call-girl for rich men.
Mary- Why do you spend so much on makeup?
Ann- I'm an upscale escort now. I make over $450 per hour!
Mary- Whore.
by GetItRightt August 29, 2009
A combination of 'child' and 'indie'.
Refers to a child 12 or under who is part of the 'indie scene'
Mark- Dude why is that 8-year-old drinking coffee?

Pete- Wow! What a little bitch-ass chindie!
by GetItRightt August 29, 2009
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