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A place next to Limerick that gets a ton of Nuclear radiations, yet unlike Limerick doesn't get tax breaks. It is a place that when you can stop and get drugs outside the library YES it is that public. Middle schoolers get busted for sexting and high schoolers don't "Get Busted" for having sex... They walk around casually with there stomach in their face cause they are having a baby. The citizens of "P-Ville" refer to the shady part of the town as "The North Side". Many who live in "The North Side" say "Oh, but I live in a good neighborhood" There are no such things in the North Side, half of the place's homeowners "Don't want to be found" or have a meth lab in the kitchen. Phoenixville has no value and if the power plant that was talked about earlier blew up they would not even mention the little town died. This place sucks, every teen that is here wants to get out.
Phoenixville = Chernobyl
by Get Me Out February 12, 2013

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