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Is a studier of the studies of fucking dead animals up the ass while they are on fire.
When i grow up, i want to be a pyronecrobuggerbestiaphiliocophobioologyologist!
by Gerron July 28, 2005
For all you people who put shit on iPods because of irreplaceable batteries and hard disks and about the $250 Apple repair fee, browse the fucking nets, you morons. You obviously have a web browser, so use the fucking thing! iPods DO have replaceable batteries, AND Hard drives. My iPod is currently open and on top of my computer right now, i bought a new hard disk for it to up the capacity. The battery is connected by a wire to a socket on the mainboard, much like the battery in a cordless phone. There are plenty of companies around that make replacement parts (ie the HDD is just a 1.8in Toshiba) so quit your bitching about them. It costs about $75 for a new battery and $150 for a new HD! I agree, Apple over-charges for the "replacement scheme" but seriously, if you think that Apple suck so much why follow their advice and not open your iPod? Morons.
Everyone who thinks that iPods are lame because of irreplaceable batteries are fuckwits who probably can't afford them.
#ipod #replacement #apple #fuckwits #hdd
by Gerron February 17, 2006
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