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4 definitions by Gern Blanstein

When you put an enemies forearm on a street curb and stomp on it.
Person 1 - "Look at that poor guy."
Person 2 - "Why, what happened?"
Person 1 - "Look at his arm in that cast, he was obviously Feech La Mannaed."
Person 2 - "Snap man....this shit just got real."
by Gern Blanstein December 20, 2006
When you are standing there, minding your own business, then someone hits you in the head with a golf club.
Person 1 - "Why is he in the hospital, what happened?"
Person 2 - "He was spatafored..."
Person 1 - "Those mutha F$#@ers!!!"
by Gern Blanstein December 16, 2006
Butt Urine. When you have diarehha so bad it's just liquid.
Guy 1 - "Oh man I had suicide wings at the Broken Thumb last night, and I have the worst case of BU."
Guy 2 - "I am not going to feel bad for you, those wings are worth it."
Guy 1 "God fuck it all!"
by Gern Blanstein January 22, 2007
When you are doing something (ie. texting, playing video games, reading) and you completely zone everything else out.
Girl 1 - "So why did you leave him?"
Girl 2 - "I talk and talk to him and he never listens."
Girl 1 - "What a luciano."
by Gern Blanstein December 20, 2006