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Percepti Fidelis is Latin for "Busy Creating The Perception." Well known in the United States of America as the motto of underpaid tech workers who telecommute or work flexible schedules (flex schedules), this phrase, often shortened to Percepti Fi in telecommute contexts, has served as a slogan for many workers and entities, in many countries, dating at least as far back as the 20th century.
Upper management had a perception that Ted's telecommuting was unproductive and that he was never at his desk, so he got busy creating a "new perception" -- Percepti Fidelis!

Did you know tasks can be completed even if C-levels can't physically see you sitting at your desk? -- Percepti Fidelis!
#percepti fi #(ant) slacking #(syn) walk-on-water #fire-dance #sink-or-swim #appease
by Gern Blanceton September 23, 2009
That which is almost, but not quite, "the shit." A runner up or close second, causing one to take notice, but not alter his or her life path in any significant or compelling way.
FAN #1: "Dude, that performance was the shart! I mean that christian rock band nailed it in a kind of...insignificant way.

FAN #2: "Yeah man. They WERE the shart: a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but not fully committed."

FAN #1: "Dude, sort of like the best of both worlds."
#shart #the shit #mediocre #lame #christian rock
by Gern Blanceton March 01, 2010
The act of returning to one's company and undoing all the damage that came as result of one's mandatory leave of absence without pay.
Biff returned to the office after his mandatory leave of absence without pay and was unable to fulfill Margo's request because he was busy "unfurloughing."
#un-furloughing #loa #furlough #downsize #downsizing
by Gern Blanceton October 20, 2009
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