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The lead singer of one of the greatest British Bands, the Arctic Monkeys (also doing a side project The Last Shadow Puppets with The Rascals member, Miles Kane)Like the other Monkeys, he is humble and chooses to stay away from the limelight, making the Arctic Monkeys even more incredible than they already are. Born and raised in Sheffield with the other Arctic Monkeys, he sings with a South Yorkshire accent making the music all the more interesting and just fecking amazing! His favourite ever record is "Rubber Soul - The Beatles", and his favourite meal, Arrabiata. Might I add he is also a lyrical genius and belongs to the league of "Coolest Men to grace the face of this earth"

Needs to contact Germee quite soon.
E.g 1: Alex Turner & co. is cool enough to dress up in costumes and get away with it.

E.g 2:
A: who is the lead singer of the current best British band?
B: Why of course, Alex Turner!

E.g 3:
A: What would your favourite worse nightmare be?
B: To meet Alex Turner and the Monkeys, hands down.
by Germee April 10, 2008

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