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The Arabic word for good friend! It is one the most commonly used words in the arabic language.
Kifak, zabre!
by German January 07, 2004
A meat wall of a child. Usually between 14 and 17 years of age, but with the dimensions of a closet!
A pcheez of a man!
by German January 03, 2004
to be damn sexy and wanted by all girls :P
that guy is almost as handsome as ionesc
by German March 10, 2005
A German freak living in some weird Arabic/French country, who accidentally uses german words in his english conversations!
If we rost sausages in the fire, we stick the on a schasclick and hold them in there!
by GErman January 03, 2004
An extremely "massive," cow of a man which continually keeps fucking up all the damn chairs in the cyber cafe! There are 40 chairs, out of which at least thirty are either loose, tilted, bent, creaking, or plain sipmply fucked beyond recognition by his humongous "phat," ass!
Someone who wishes they were important in the cybercafe!
by German January 03, 2004
A cute, yet big and hairy man. Ususally working in an administrative branch for long hours!
Nicknamed Geagea
by German January 07, 2004
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