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The soul of a cannibal doomed to wander the earth entirely famished and craving human flesh. They leave burning footprints in the snow.
"Mayh bee the wendigo ayte your baybee"
by Germ the Germy Germinator November 04, 2003
A smokable substance that will get you high
""We could smoke Garfong / And watch him ride the big one" Neil Young
by Germ the Germy Germinator November 11, 2003
To get beaten up by a hugely muscular tough guy.
also McBain- describing someone who performs feats of action hero impossibility like McBain, that Guy from the Simpsons
Dude, that gorilla just McBained that old grandma!
Did you see that guy jump off the roof, shoot Osama, blow up the low flying helicopter, eat three fire snakes alive, screw that hot chick, and single handedly take out three martial arts experts in one fluid motion? That was McBain!
by Germ the Germy Germinator November 06, 2003
someone who makes sexual advances, performs sexual acts, or in general brown noses a cop in order to get out of something illegal
"Kev turned into a dirty pig licker as soon as that 5-oh turned his lights on."
"Yeah, I think he likes that shit... he started to salivate and everything"
by Germ the Germy Germinator November 19, 2003
Oral sex administered by a huge female, usually accompanied by loud grunts and a roaring noise.
"Grrrrrraaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!" (imitates dinojob by moving hands rapidly back and forth in front of mouth and rocking back and forth on his heels)
And we all laughed at the desperation that drew some unfortunate grungy anakanoochian soul to accept a dinojob.
by Germ the Germy Germinator November 06, 2003
A Huge person who resembles, or possibly is, the son\daughter of Godzilla
Whoah, that Godzookie just ate an entire pizza, three orders of chicken wings, five acres of brussels sprouts, and Mrs. Jone's dog.
by Germ the Germy Germinator November 06, 2003
Marijuana or a large well rolled joint in particular
Have you been smokin the fatwashington?
by Germ the Germy Germinator November 10, 2003
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