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The financial status of a man after a POS bottle blonde woman has divorced him and taken almost all of his assets. He is not bankrupt and is able to make ends meet but there are no resources to enjoy his new single life.
She cheats and blames him for it. Leaves for another man. She throws his clothes out on the street, sells all of his personal stuff, files for divorce, empties the bank account, buys a new hard top convertable, and gives his savings to a divorce attorney while she is on a secret trip to Hawaii. She runs up her lawyer bill to $21,000 trying to prove you had an affair to cover up the multiple affairs that she has had. Leaving you emotionally drained from the drama and the loss of your best friend due to him partaking in her distribution of sex leaving him completely Bitchrupt!
by Gerbilsaver November 20, 2011

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