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The ultimate comeback, used by both men and women, becuase there is abseloutly nothing to say back to it.
Person 1Fuck you, dickhead
Urbandictiionary reader Your just pissed becuase i fucked your dad
Person 1 ....uh....
by George May 02, 2005
A pair of kicks you keep EXTRA clean n dont wanna get em dirrty er anything like that they your scooby doos.
"nah man i got my scooby doos on"
by George December 11, 2003
the guy you'll never find on father's day or check day.
"Damn, my BabyDaddy ain't never coming home wif no money."
by george March 18, 2003
a great band who have entered the mainstream and yes, have a lot of retarded fans. probaly gay teenage goths and posers or people who have only heard aerials, chop suey and toxicity, but the vocals simply cannot be beat and each member has great songwriting skills and a unique musical style
system of a down is brilliant
by GEORGE November 05, 2003
Somebody who is strong and good in a fight; a beastly person.
These guys started shit with us, and my friend Mike knocked out all six of them. He's a junkyard dog.
by George February 23, 2005
A state of enlightenment and/or nirvana produced by marijuana. So smoke if you wanna.
A wave of canabliss hit me as i toked the joint.
by George March 23, 2005
either too much guitar in a song or too long and too many solos.
eddie van halen is severely guilty of guitar molestation.
by george January 20, 2005

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