14 definitions by George Bush

1. very smelly
2. having slapped oneself with one's sweatshirt sleeve
3. christine li
Mommy, she pulled a stiiiiiinky.
by george bush March 09, 2004
A Dirty middle eastern man.
"Fuck that dirty cabbie was a binno looking mother fucker!"
by George Bush October 16, 2003
yourdrunkenmom and darkcaps nsb.isgreat.tv
UHHH HEAY GUYS NS UHHH BEEE YEAH nsb.isgreat.tv nsb.isgreat.tv
by George Bush April 04, 2005
1. a form of getting owned in other words see pwned.
2. WHen you ace in counter-strike
yall got hemmed up when u gloxorz you in teh face narb.
by George Bush April 04, 2005
Peekskill is upstate. Think about it, where does Peekskill have more in common with, Yonkers or Newburgh? Hell, it's probably even closer to Newburgh!
I'm surprised someone from Hartsdale wouldn't agree with me that anything north of Tarrytown is upstate...
by George Bush July 05, 2005
A city in Upstate New York.
Anything above or on the other side of the Tappan Zee Bridge = Upstate
by George Bush May 13, 2004
A borough of the fictitious Liberty City in the video game Grand Theft Auto 3. Portland is said to be based on The Bronx/Brooklyn/Western Queens.
Portland = Bronx
Staunton = Manhattan
Shoreside = Jersey
by George Bush May 13, 2004

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