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A cheap, rotgut, bottom shelf booze that drunks love.
My grandfather used to drink Imperial Whiskey...it was pretty much all he could afford.

Imperial Whiskey is the favorite libation of 1950's low-budget filmmaker Ed Wood.
by Genuine Nerd March 08, 2010
Where a person would spray Axe deodorant all over himself or herself instead of taking a shower or bath, masking the person's body odor with the Axe deodorant.
This bum is taking a slacker shower. He's spraying Axe all over himself. Thing is, he still stinks.
by Genuine Nerd May 17, 2010
Another term for douching.
That whore stinks so bad, she needs to give herself a Pubic Enema.
by Genuine Nerd March 06, 2010
A cheap swill brand of beer that was once brewed and sold in Cleveland, Ohio. "POC" once meant "Pride Of Cleveland", but in later years, meant either "Piss On Cleveland" or "Pilsener On Call". Before POC was discontinued in the mid-1980's, a 6-pack of POC sold for less than a 6-pack of Coke or Pepsi...it was that cheap of abeer.
My grandfather used to drink POC...it was all he could afford.

I don't drink POC...that beer is nothing but pisswater!
by Genuine Nerd March 08, 2010

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