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The professional equivalent of a Blogger. In essence, a person who is being paid or receiving monetary compensation for blogging, as opposed to doing it for free on their own time to rant like a fool.

Bloggists are a rare breed of online writers, not quite evolved to the degree of "journalist," but evolved above "angry manifesto scribe." Bloggists are often regarded with mediocre respect for their thoughts and opinions, but are frequently ridiculed for "selling out" by lower online species such as the Troll, Spammer or N00bs.

Much like Bloggers, Bloggists cover a wide range of topics with various interests. However, the most popular topics covered (in order) are Mom Stuff, Rating Food, Local Entertainment, Other Bloggists They Hate, Politics, 80's Stuff, Hating Movies, Spoiling Movies, Blenders, Porn and Pro Wrestling.
WTF! Thats it! Im givn that bloggist at teh Tribune a bad review. That asshole dont know how to write worf a shit!
#blog #blogger #blogging #weblog #weblogist
by Genuine Mind August 07, 2011
When a vegetarian or vegan instantly becomes enraged and preachy over the smallest mistakes (or even unfamiliar knowledge) about their particular eating habits. This behavior is usually followed by either an angry or arrogant retort, correcting the offender's mistake. This behavior is most common in vegan culture, primarily caused by being mistaken for vegetarians.
He totally threw vattitude in my face, just because I didn't know vegans don't eat eggs.

Dude, seriously, there's soy in 7-11's chili. You need to put your vattitude in check.

I'm not going to that market anymore, the staff has a weird vattitude about them.
#vaffectation #vimage #vinclination #vopinion #voutline
by Genuine Mind May 18, 2011
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