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D.H.C. or Dirty Hippy Chick in long form, are primarily found on message boards that prophesize about the end of the world coming in 2012. At first meet they encourage you to think of them as spiritual guiders. They find all their wisdoms in the stars, and don't need any factual evidence to get 100% behind a cause. They are often found with 9/11 truthers and Ron Paul sympathizers. Their rightful birth mark comes in shape of herpes.
Hey! That D.H.C. stole my friend's copy of the first season of Arrested Development.

After an hour of her talking about government conspiracies and Mayan calendars I knew I had a D.H.C. on my hands.

No way am I gotta hit that, she's a D.H.C., a herpes string carrier.
by Gentlemanlyscholarofdoom January 18, 2009

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