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The worst fucking town ever. period. No if ands or buts about it. The people in this particular town are all posers who don't give a damn about anybody but them selves. Plus they are all as dumb as a post. There's never anything to do except drink and smoke and not everyone wants to do that 24/7.

I feel ashamed to say i live in this town but i know that as soon as its legal i am moving the fuck out. And i suggest the same to anybody else living there who's over the age of 18.
Stupid bitch: Like OMG I'm from hazlet! I'm gonna copy everyone else and go along with very single stupid fab that's comes my way so everyone will think I'm cool! Hooray for not thinking for yourself!

ME: *hits over head with a heavy object* Go die!
by Gengrel January 07, 2009

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