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1. The nickname of Kent Hovind, a famous creationist that's such an awful excuse for a sentient being that even other creationists have disowned him.

2. A synonym for an idiot.

3. I guess, if you had a dinosaur with a Ph.D. in some field, you could call him or her "Dr. Dino" without the above connotations.
1. Dr. Dino gave a speech at my church, eand explained how dinosaurs breathed fire!
What a dork!

2. I call my roommate Dr. Dino- he's always talking about moon landing hoaxes and 9/11 conspiracies.

3. Dr. Alicia Stompfoot, affectionally known as "Dr. Dino" has the distinction of being the first Utahraptor pediatrician t sent up practice in the United States.
by Genetic_Mishap March 28, 2006
A belief system that gives itself the trappings of a science when it actually doesn't adhere much to the scientific method. Can range from something as mild as cryptozoology ("monster hunting", which has its heart in the right place but is far too uncritical of things) to various New Age beliefs, creationism, alternative medicine, etc. etc.
My friend went to a chiropractor, but after he found out that the whole field was a psuedoscience he decided to get massages at home.
by Genetic_Mishap April 01, 2006
A fish derived from a group once thought extinct. Used as a rhetorical tool by cryptozoologists and creationists to give themselves credibility; the former believe that if a "prehistoric fish" can be found then so can the big monsters that people cook up, while the latter believes that the fish is proof that animals don't evolve.
1. The cryptozoologists don't realize that there's a big difference between finding a coelacanth off the South African coast and finding a 10-foot hairy humanoid in the rapidly dissapearing wooded space in between Starbucks sites.

2. The creationists don't realize that it's the fish's lineage that's ancient and the fish is actually different than its fossil ancestors; and even if it hadn't, it wouldn't matter because natural selction will retard change if a species is perfectly adapted.
by Genetic_Mishap April 01, 2006
A psuedoscience that deals with animals currently unknown to science. While it certainly has more cred than most other psuedosciences (since their are thousands of species we have yet to document), it still focuses on more sensational reports, doesn't allow for much skepticism and attracts its fair share of UFO geeks and other impressionable people. A scientist who goes looking for a new kind of quail in southeast Asian rainforests can be said to be dabbling in cryptozoology. Sadly, cryptozoology focuses more often on ridiculous monster such as the chupacabra, bigfoot and loch ness monster.
1. Megan, who was into cryptozoology, had no trouble believing that the wake she saw in Stockton Lake was a lake monster. She called it Stockie.

2. For a long time the Giant Squid was confined to the realm of cryptozoology until washed up bodies were found and properly documented.
by Genetic_Mishap April 01, 2006
A white person who decks themselves in turqouise jewelry and other traditionally Native American apparel, and may also delve in other traditional (or even psuedo) Native American cultural artifacts, such as dreamcatchers and truck-stop-bought shirts with wolves on them. Derived from the word "Cherokee", a certain Native American tribe; and "honkey", a slur for whites.
Mike the Cherhonkee decks out his room in dreamcatchers to reflect his Native American ancestry, even though his ancestory stems from a great-great-great-great-great grandmother who wasn't even a Chippewa.
by Genetic_Mishap March 17, 2006
One who is duped into the teachings of abstinence-based sex ed. Some beliefs include the notion that oral/anal sex isn't really sex, that the human body is something to be ashamed of, that condoms cause cancer, that you can get pregnant by petting, that half of all gay teens have AIDS, that AIDS can be spread through tears, and the studies that show how ab-ed fails to curb teen pregnancy rates either don't exist, or are part of the evil liberal media conspiracy. Often self-righteous, holier-than-thou.
My friend told me that when she got married, her ab-edder friends wouldn't let her wear a white dress because it "symbolized purity" and she wasn't a virgin. I said she should've slapped their arrogant bitch asses.
by Genetic_Mishap April 01, 2006
A mind-numbing anime that airs in the US on Adult Swim. Inu-yasha consists mainly of soap-opera type romance, exposistion, and worn-out "gags". Liked by teenage girls and other anime viewers with low entertainment standards.
LOL, Miroku asked a lady to bear his child. The unpredictable antics never stop on Inu Yasha!
by Genetic_Mishap March 17, 2006

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