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i-A "true" phrase/statement that contains little or no fact value at all.

ii-Insistance on a phrase/statement being correct even in the face of overwhelming odds/people who can verify that the phrase/statement is incorrect/contains no factual prof.

iii-Changing a forementioned phrase/statement to the correct and factual version and then insisting that the factual correct phrase/statement is the orginal version that was spoken. See also to Lie fib embellish
"Check out the latest Paddyisms.

i- He said most Bartenders are left handed."
i-Motorsport is the most popular sport in the world"

Even after we told him contrary, he insisted his Paddyism was correct.

ii-"After they have built a high rise, they use the crane legs as elevator shafts"
"Polar bears ARE black"

He's now changed his Paddyism

iii- "what I actually said, was that the Polar bears' SKIN is black"
by General Webster October 20, 2007

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