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A site where you think people care, when they're really laughing at how pathetic you look.
A Twitter: I'm watching TV!!!!!!!!!

A person who cares for some reason: Cool!!!!

A person who has a life: Wtf? I don't give a shit!

A Twitter: I'm taking a shit!

A person who cares for some reason: Oh my god!!!!

A person who has a life: ........
by General Radec August 10, 2009
1. An energy drink with the most purpose named after "balls" probably so people will laugh about what you just drank.

2. What you don't want other girls to see you buy at the store.

3. Best used in a conversation labled as "energy drink."

4. Whats best not to ask for in jail.

5. What you need to grow.
1. Bawls creator #1: So what shall we call this?

Bawls creator #2: How about Bawls so that way people can be laughed at?

2. *Price check reads "Bawls"*

Girl: Oh my god! Your buying Bawls?

3. Jim: So Frank, what did you drink this morning?

Frank: Some Bawls.

4. Prisoner: Guard! Could you please get me some Bawls?

Bubba: You want some Bawls honey? Well I got it right here.

5. I just grew the same plant used to make Bawls in my backyard.
by General Radec August 12, 2009
An amazing website with all these features listed below!

1. Adding a bunch of friends, who will NEVER talk to you! Nor can you keep up with them.

2. Seeing a bunch of emo's talk about their day and saying their lives suck! In other words, get stereotypical about it.

3. Look at almost everyones bad taste in music!

4. Emo's that aren't emos at all!

5. A bunch of preps from school you hate and you get to cuss them out without them knowing! But don't post your real name or they will find you.

6. See many women whoring themselves!

7. Alot of bad quality pictures that people will practically at gunpoint make you comment on!

8. Notice how it's copying other sites such as YouTube or Facebook!

So sign up today!
"I already have a YouTube account! Get the fuck away!!!"- General Radec pushing back annoying no life teens trying to force him to get a MySpace.
by General Radec August 10, 2009
A person who slacks off while jacking off.
That guy is such a slackerjacker.
by General Radec August 07, 2009
-A show that was funny at first but then it failed shortly after it was re-aired.

-Its creator is an asshole that treats his fans like they are nothing. Why would you treat whoever likes you like shit? Get a life Seth. Get a life. Now its mainly watched by people who laugh at whatever is used as a stupid pun.

-I'm surprised most of the faces of pop-culture havent tried to assasinate Seth.

-It is often quoted by kiddies the day after an episode airs.
Dan: Hey you remember the old episodes of Family Guy? You know, when they didn't turn to shit?

Mike: I sure do.

I'm starting to wonder how better peoples lives would be affected if Seth died or the show just stayed cancelled.
News anchor: This just in! Renee Zelweger just shot Seth MacFarlene in the chest six times with a 9mm pistol!

Drake: Oh shit! I missed Family Guy last night! Could you recite the funniest moments?

Kiddie: Ok Peter won a golden ticket and he was running like that scene in Willy Wonka and he tripped and hurt his knee and went "Ah! Tssssshhhhh!" repeatadly!

Or, if this were spoken to by an intelligent person

Kiddie: Hey on Family Guy there was this part where--

Person with a brain: Yes! Peters dad died and he went to Ireland to see his real dad! I saw the episode last night on TV for the fifty-billionth time and it was the same stupid jokes over and over so I dont need to hear you repeat it over again!
by General Radec November 04, 2009
There is only one simple way to describe both gangs, idiots, fools, and low educated. Thats the best way to describe it. But their timeline starts off during the time the devil took a shit and then they became alive and grabbed weapons and aimed them in the wrong direction and shot a puddle of the devils piss (a.k.a. the Crips) and that caused some war. It was fucking up Hells reputation as the angels above were laughing their asses off that the devil created such stupidity. So the devil summoned the Bloods and Crips onto what was a good world.

They spread like a virus infecting the general populations. Homes were being broken into, civilians were shot (or sometimes ran away due to their horrible aim) and thus the devil watched with amusement.

Eventually, they started supporting the rap artists thus spreading them out more effeciently. The only bright side was that the government hired assasins to kill Tupac Shakur. Gang war did a drive by? Please, if they can't shoot while standing still then how the hell do they even aim through a speeding SUV? More and more rappers were being assasinated. For the good of the world. And as of 2009, they still hold some political power. Howeve,r their form of politics is rather pathetic and aren't even allowed near D.C.

It was predicted by Tom Clancy that in the year 2028 the Bloods and Crips will own both sides of Los Angelas. One side being red territory. The other being blue territory and that military measures will have to be taken. It was also suggested that by then General Radec will deal with these Blood and Crip scum.

But before then, here is how to label out Bloods and Crips.

1. The suggestive manner in which they walk.

Example: Crotch grabbing, leaning back, slumped like a gorrila.

2. Hard to understand grammar.

Example: Words such as dawg, cuz, iz, the word "be" missused. Sounds of mumbling.

If any of these become noticeable then contact the authorities immediately.

3. Lack of aim. It was studied by researchers that the Bloods and Crips aim their guns sideways for some unknown purpose. Thus, making it hard to hit their designated target.

If any of these three symptoms are shown in your neighborhood then go home and contact the authorities immediately.

If it is Bloods, the number is 800-456-BLOODDRIVE

If Crips: Call 800-211-STEAMEDCRAB

Our toll free hotline will be available 24/7 except on the Holidays of Christmas, Easter, and New Years (because on New Years we publicly execute the Bloods and Crips we capture) So please, do not hesitate to call us if necesary.

If you are a first time caller you will be offered to receive the Blood and Crips emergency button in case they are holding you hostage in your own home and/or if the phone is unatainable. This device sticks to a table, wall, or even floor and the police and if needed military will track down the source and come to your aide immediately. This device is also portable for if they come after you on the street.
"Bloods and Crips are society's worst."- General Radec on Bloods and Crips
by General Radec August 07, 2009
In the days of World War II, Adolf Hitler had a personal chef which made him soup on a daily basis. But his soup was no ordinary soup, it had special minerals only known to the Nazi war machine given to the SS which gave them enhanced senses, strength, and immunity's to diseases.

During the final days of the war, the Reichstag was being invaded and the Soup Nazi's immortality recipe could not be made and Hitler was running out of time. There was only one thing to do: commit suicide. In doing so, Hitler decided he would want one more final soup in the world of the living. In so, the Soup Nazi put poisons that would kill Adolf five minutes after eating.

Giving him his bowl of soup, the Soup Nazi and Hitler said their farewells and parted. The Soup Nazi then went to America. But his recipes were left in Germany and were burned during a fire. He had to recreate them all and decided make it to where there was mind-control properties in them so he would be the new Fuhrer of the Nazi regime. He started his new business in New York.

In the year 1995 he opened his business and was well known to a man named Newman. Although one day his business was almost compromised when one of the chefs there walked in his room and saw the Nazi banners and a picture of Adolf Hitler. The Soup Nazi pulled out a pistol the Nazi's used and shot the chef repeatadly shot and was quickly disposed of in a "special soup." The only complaint he received was an FBI agent tasted lead and a bullet floated within the soup, but died of lead poisoning shortly after and no suspicians were raised.

Eventually, the man Newman spread the Soup Nazi's words of his soup around his apartment. Everything was going as planned until a woman named Elaine managed to get his recipes and expose them to the world. In a last attempt, he sold the last of his soup to the general population. Getting his recipes back, he flew to Argentina.

Now every day, as long as he lives, he lies awake at night, thinking about one thing and one thing only, Elaine.

As of 2009, Argentina citizens have reported sighting of over 200 neo-Nazi's in an abandoned factory.
The Soup Nazi will be the second Fuhrer and Dick Cheney will replace Heinrich Himmler in the history books.
by General Radec August 09, 2009

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