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The cloth material of choice used over and over again to clean up sperm after masturbation. A war rag will typically be used for months before seeing a washing machine, hence it has seen many wars. The war rag is usually found under or near a bed for easy access. Recently, war rags have been found near desktop computers due to the popularity of internet porn. War Rags may be towels, socks, dirty shirts, sweatpants, boxer shorts or any textile for that matter.
As Gary Miller was reaching for his war rag he realized it was missing. Feverishly looking for his prized possesion he found himself in the laundry room. To his dismay he saw his mother throwing his petrafied pair of boxers into the washer. His boxers were no longer his beloved war rag but now a casualty. Thinking quick, Gary decided he needed a new war rag and carefully sacraficed an old Yankees shirt worthy of and capable of handling tons of sperm, just like the Yankees themselves
by General Motors October 22, 2006
1) A blowjob on the run. 2) A quick rushed blowjob devoid of romance.
When Gary woke up late for work Saturday, he realized he had a mean case of morning wood. Already late with little time to spare, he asked Janaya for a beanski whilst he brushed his teeth.
by General Motors September 27, 2006
A combination of the words slut and whore used frequently in Somerville Massachusetts.
As we were walking to Stop and Shop, Lombard spotted some slores and quickly pointed them out to his friends. Hey guys, right there! Slores!
by General Motors September 27, 2006
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