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An ugly Slut.
Maria is Skankhideous
by General Koala May 16, 2009
The act of cunnilingus
MAN: "Tonight you are going to be Hanseled."
WOMAN: "Oooohhh I can't wait."
by general koala July 07, 2013
The Fearless leader who opposing players start to fear due to his high kill count. Instead of the fear, people will just back out of the match either during or at the end of the match. Noted for his gloryfull victory during a Call of Duty 4 match where he scored 50 kills with only 10 deaths.
We have the General Koala on our team.
by General Koala May 16, 2009
Word to describe a female's ass. Whose ass is full, plump, and very desirable. A combination of the words Butt and Delicous
That girl is buttilous.
by General Koala May 16, 2009

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