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Condom anxiety occurs when a guy is totally ready to go and then has to put on a condom, reminding him of the reasons one uses a condom: "Is she going to get pregnant?"; "Does she have an STD?" This frequently results in immediate loss of arousal and inability to perform. This condition is also prevalent among guys that were raised Catholic and taught that birth control is forbidden, calling to mind the fact that premarital sex is also forbidden and causing them to feel guilty about what they are about to do. See "Guilty Penis Syndrome."
"Dude, I saw you leave the bar with that hot chick... How was it? Did you rock her world?"
"Man, she was so into me and everything was going great until I went to wrap it up... I had a nasty condom anxiety attack and couldn't go through with it."
by Genebeeb October 06, 2009
Guilty Penis Syndrome (GPS) occurs in young men with strong religious backgrounds, particularly Catholic, and manifests itself as feelings of remorse, regret, or inhibition immediately before, during, or after sexual intercourse. When it happens immediately before, they guy may suddenly abort his mission and abruptly flee. When it happens during sex, some men will stop mid-coitus as they are no longer able to perform, but most men will still finish, albeit with some degree of difficulty as they are distracted by the feeling that they "shouldn't be doing this..." When it happens afterward, the guy may behave strangely toward the girl he was with, often reacting with hostility and blaming the other person for his supposed misdeed.
"Hey, what happened with Paul? You two really hit it off at that party last week."
"Yeah, I was totally into him, and he came on strong so we went back to my place. We were all over each other, but when he took his shirt off I commented that I like the little gold cross he was wearing and he totally flipped out. He jumped up and literally ran out of my apartment. I don't get it, it was weird."
"Girl, don't worry about it. He obviously has Guilty Penis Syndrome. The same thing happened to me last year."
by Genebeeb October 06, 2009
One's aWoWance is the time allotted during a given period (typically by a guy's girlfriend, although female gamers could potentially experience this in reverse) for playing video games (as opposed to spending all one's time and energy trying to keep said significant other happy and thus putting out). The word itself derives from World of Warcraft (WoW), an extremely popular (and highly addictive) computer game that was/is known to draw players in for multiple hours and even entire days at a time; the term "aWoWance" can and does, however, apply to any computer or console game that inspires/requires focus and time to play properly.
Player 1: "Yo man, you gonna be on the Box later?"
Player 2: "Nah, bro-I can't tonight. I've already used up my aWoWance for the week, and I promised my girl I'd take her out to dinner and some ridiculous chick flick she really wants to see."
Player 1: "Bummer, dude."
Player 2: "Tell me about it..."
by Genebeeb December 11, 2010
InFATuation occurs when a generally fit guy hooks up with a plus-sized girl for the first time and discovers the joys of cushioned hips, naturally padded breasts, and an ass he can actually hold on to.

Caveat: This experience may lead to a more serious condition known as Chubby Chasing.
Guy's Friend: "Dude, did you seriously take that fat chick from the bar home last night?"
Guy: "Oh my god, bro-I can't even explain it, but I have a wicked case of inFATuation with her..."
by Genebeeb April 08, 2010
Callblock of Duty is the widespread phenomenon of rarely being able to reach someone via phone while they are gaming, regardless of their choice of console (or PC) and irrespective of which game they may be playing. It is, however, particularly prevalent in serious Xbox gamers, specifically those who frequently play one or more of the Call of Duty game series. Your call will most likely ring all the way through to voicemail, as even the simple act of hitting the "Ignore" key on a cell phone might break said gamer's concentration and/or compromise their strategy/position. If your call goes directly to voicemail, said gamer has most likely already received and declined to answer several calls, triggering the automatic voicemail response feature of most cellular carriers, or he/she has actually turned the phone off to avoid further interruption.
A: "Hey, is Matt coming or not? We've gotta leave soon or we're going to miss the movie!"
B: "Probably not. He must have activated Callblock of Duty; I can't get him on the phone. We should just go... He'll call me back in like 6 hours."
by Genebeeb July 20, 2011

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