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Half cat, half rabbit? Right. It's a joke that Manx cat owners play on others.
Stu' Pidiot: Hey, Poindexter, look, a Cabbit!

Poindexter: Long hind legs, little or no tail. It's just a Manx or a Manx mix retard.

Stu' Pidiot: Hey, I was tard good enough the first time!
by Gene Splicer May 20, 2006
An animal that is 50% gerbil and 50% hamster, ie, the child of 1 purebred gerbil and 1 purebred hamster.
Pet Store Customer: That's a nice looking Germster you have there.

Pet Store Employee: No, this is a Gerbster; she's only one-half hamster. A Germster has a Gerbster father and a Hamster mother.
by Gene Splicer May 20, 2006
When your significant other looks like they could be your sibling.
BUDDY: Did you see Pat's sibnificant other?

BRO: Yea, dude, name's Kelly, and I know what you mean. I agree 100%.

BUDDY: Maybe they should have a heart to heart with their parents, or get some DNA testing.

BRO: Really, that's some freaky shit. I'm not sure that that's just a coincidence, I mean, they just look way too much alike!
by Gene Splicer June 10, 2006
A genetically engineered life form.

One chimera is a pig with the human flesh gene. Pig organs are very similar to human organs, so pigs could be used as organ donors, BUT, the human body rejects the swine's flesh -- UNTIL NOW!

These human-flesh-pigs were too expensive, until the FDA approved them for food.

You swine-eating cannibals!
by Gene Splicer May 27, 2006
1) A genetically engineered humanoid accidentally created when Colin Quinn and Will Farrell, early on in their careers, fucked the same SNL groupie. In a rare occurrence, both of their sperms united with the same egg, and did not divide into two separate fetuses, thus producing Colin Farrell.

2) Slang for any genetically engineered creature.
1) "Colin Farrell, isn't he that guy from Saturday Night Live?"

"No, Colin Farrell is in the new MIAMI VICE movie, but, his two dads are from Saturday Night Live."

2) "See, this is a gerbster."

"Whoa! What a Colin Farrell!"
by Gene Splicer July 29, 2006

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