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A very small military college in Virginia that: 1) is the only American college to have produced service chiefs for 3 of the 4 primary armed services (West Point, Annapolis and Air Force have not done this); 2) has produced 7 Medal of Honor winners and more than 70 Distinguished Service Cross/Navy Cross/Air Force Cross winners -- a number exceeded by only 2 of the 5 service academies; 3) has produced more Rhodes Scholars per graduate than any state supported school in the U.S.; 4) produced America's top Army general in WWII (who is also the only career soldier ever to win the Nobel Peace Prize) ; and 5) is the only college in the U.S. (including the service academies and the New England schools) to have produced a five star general, an Academy Award winner, a Supreme Court Justice, a Pulitzer Prize winner and a Nobel Peace Prize winner. It has 1500 students. Pound for pound, schools like Army, Navy, Harvard and Yale (and very small handful of others) have done more for our country, but when it comes to producing a unique and badly needed quality of leader, VMI has few peers.
VMI is a classic military college where all students live as cadets 24/7. Cadet life is similar to that at the Citadel and the service academies.
by Gen.Beauregard November 22, 2012

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