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Justifying you're non-meat eating practices, even though you eat meat on a regular basis through lack of willpower.
"He said he was starting a vegetarian diet last week, but now he is over there scarfing down a meaty cheeseburger."

"I know... he's a total Wannatarian."
by gemgasmic August 04, 2009
When someone in a heterosexual relationship decides that they no longer want to be in their relationship and look for a quick escape by claiming they just realized they are gay.
(Conveniently Gay Female to Long-Term Male Companion): I'm sorry, but I just don't think we can keep seeing each other.

(Male Companion): What? The wedding is next week, did I do something wrong?

(Conveniently Gay Female): No, my best friend just helped me realize that I am actually gay.

(Male Companion): That sucks...
by Gemgasmic August 04, 2009
Hairflip with attitude. The new "WHATEVER!" The equivalent of rolling your eyes in digust, except, using your beads.
Girl: "Hey everyone, look at my new ring that I just bought. It was very expensive!"

Guy 1: "Hey! What kind of mood ring have you got there?"

Girl: "... You're a mood ring!"

(After turning her nose up with disgust, the girl stomps away with major attitude.)

Guy 1: "Whoa!"

Guy 2: "Dude, she was totally Crackin the Beads at you."
by Gemgasmic August 04, 2009
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