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A group of females that are all wearing north face jackets, black leggings, and ugg boots.
Chris: "Yo Jordan, check out those bitches that are dressed the same, drinkin' starbucks, and looking at instagram on their iphones"

Jordan: "Oh shit, it's the basic bitch brigade!"

Pat: "Shots?"
by geeked April 06, 2014
As a former employee at Best Buy, managers use to yell at us when we would congregate in small groups instead of walking the store looking for needy customers. The manager would come over and tell us to quit "smurf piling." The "smurf" was based on our Best Buy issued blue shirts and "piling" was the employees congregating.
"Hey you guys over in home theater, quit "Smurf Piling" and help some customers out."
by Geeked January 08, 2008

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