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An evil organization bent on taking over the world one teen at a time. Known to turn childrenas young as 10 into "gangstas", "pimps", "Thugs", "Emo", "Hardcore" They Make fun of Homosexuals, Obesity, and being a nerd.
KidA: I hate MTV!!!
hollabackgirl:I love MTV, its made me thin!
KidA: no u puking alot has made you thin
by geeksheek August 26, 2005
Is the condition - which generally affects older malse, post mid life crisis. Symptoms include clearly overcompensating for lack of plausible "mojo". Being an absolute douche bag yet being blissfully unaware.

Old man short dick disease can generally be identified by his balding head, prestigious car such as a Lamborghini, Ferrari or Maserati and is at most times accompanied by a perky blonde in her 20s.

Yet don't be fooled this is the full extent of this mans alluring qualities.
When you drive past that Lamborghini and see an 58 year old man, generally unatractive and balding. Promo girl in the passanger seat with a great boob Job - you can now think to yourself

'old man short dick disease'
by GeekSheek June 23, 2012
The "cool" name for an incredibly whiney poser band. More Gimmicks then Gene Simmons. They are not punk or hardcore. They are Emo roadkill
helena: Im listening to MCR!
kida:Wahoo get away from me emo creep.
by geeksheek August 29, 2005

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