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2 definitions by Gazaboy

1) Slang Scottish term for a wrinkle on one's ball sack

2) Used in reference to a small amount of an item

3) An annoying/irritating person
Ian says, "Should I put the rest of the grass in this joint cos there is only a baw crease left?"

**Gilly and Gary nod in approval**

Which one of you baw creases ordered me a talent show DVD?

by Gazaboy March 10, 2009
Full name - Two Rapid Fire

Used by a group of weed smokers when there is only a small amount/only one joint left.

Implys taking two tokes in quick succession, much like an M16 machine gun fires bullets. The doob is then passed on quickly to the next victim.

I have rolled a bit of a shiter, so lets get two RF on this.

Marc fell to his knees after participating in two RF

Gary: "Its two RF!! Why have you taken eight draws?!?"

Ian: "Nah man, this is only my second draw."

by Gazaboy March 10, 2009