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Pissed as fuck, nothing more, nothing less
Last night I was fuckin stemmered.

Andy was stemmered after he necked those chasers.
by Gavski (Gav W) November 30, 2006
When someone shouts something but they mumble the words.

A loud mumble

When someone is too drunk, dispirited or lazy to pronounce the words but still need to shout in order to be heard
When someone is selling the paper on the street and they shumble the name of it : 'Eeeeiiiiiin hhhzet'(to mean evening gazette)

When being asked from another room if you want a beer etc, replying with a shumble: 'yehhhi'llaahabeer'
by Gavski (Gav W) November 30, 2006
To be excessively drunk or under heavy influence of drugs esp. cannabis, ecstacy and cocaine. Or both. Usually resulting in the loss of personal belongings.
Last night I was fucking spammed, I had 15 pints, 4 pills, smoked a couple of spliffs and sniffed a gram, it spammed me.
by Gavski (Gav W) November 30, 2006
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