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2 definitions by Gautchie boy

A more basic term for being "finished getting ready". Pronounced like the name freddy.
Guy 1: Is that bitch ever gunna be fready or what?

Guy 2: Shit's weak.
by Gautchie boy August 23, 2008
1 2
The sexiest, smartest, most amazing thing god has given man. Not only does it save you gas it also sounds better than most F150's. It is literally the new age pimps car. Not to mention jesus drives one.
Girl 1: Is that a 2007 V6 Mustang!?

Girl 2: Just because I'm a playboy bunny doesn't mean I don't have a chance right?

Girl 1: Are you insane! He probably only bangs girls worth more than donald trump.
by Gautchie Boy August 23, 2008
7 17