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A female with large tits and a shit ton of make up to make her look like a clown whore. She typically attracts jugalos. Usually has ridiculous red hair and will easily put out.
Person one: Wow Destiny has become quite a jugaho.

Person two: Yeah, I agree but it's understandable she's like that. She was raped as a girl.
by Gat0rgirl November 16, 2009
"under-the-influence" whore. A girl that uses the excuse of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol to cheat and have sex with random boys.
Bre: I'm sorry honey. I didn't know what I was doing. I was so wasted.
Boyfriend: You're such a UTI whore
Person one: Bre have sex with all the guys at the party because she was drunk.
Person two: What a UTI whore. No wonder Taylor finally left her. She's been using that excuse five times already.
by Gat0rgirl November 16, 2009

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